Smart Property Investment Choices In Egypt

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The demand for affordable luxury properties remains high in Egypt. Despite the instabilities witnessed since the Egyptian pound devaluation, the property market has remained very stable. The demand for new properties has been on the rise throughout 2018. With a population of over 90,000,000 people, the properties provided by the various available investment companies fall short of meeting the housing demands. However, this simply means that it is the right time to invest in the real estate sector.     

The problem that most investors face- both those seeking to buy residential homes and commercial properties- is that of pricing. According to Egypt today, most people are turning to smaller units of one to two bedrooms owing to the high prices associated with mansions and villas. This is where we come in. At housesolutionegypt.com, we seek to help investors find deals that offer value for their money.     

Our Investment Options   

If you are looking to invest in Egypt, we have just the right options for you such as North Edge Towers . Our duty is to find the best investment projects that guarantee a high return on investment (ROI) within a short period. In our quest to fill the gap between property owners and investors, we have found the best of the best properties that are fully complete and ready to occupy. We have villas for sale in new compounds in New Cairo and New Capital all at affordable prices. All our properties are set for the highest standards of living. You have the freedom to choose your preferred property location, property size, and type. We list all the properties available and offer the best prices in the market to help you find your preferred home in your preferred location.    

Why Invest In Real Estate In Egypt?   

Investing in real estate in Egypt now is the smartest investment choice you can ever make. Whether you are targeting the middle class or the high-end clients, Egypt is ripe with people seeking for rental properties throughout the year. The demand for new properties in Egypt stands at 200,000 units per year which is far from what the market receives.      

Investing In our properties also guarantees comfort for those seeking residential homes. When you buy our properties, you are set to live in a secure location. All our new compounds in New Cairo and New Capital are protected with 24-hour security. They are all within gated areas and are close to police departments. You also get to enjoy other amenities such as modern schools for your children, playgrounds, tarmac roads, uninterrupted power, and water supply among others. Our aim is to ensure that every average Egyptian can live in a good home at an affordable price.       

Talk To Us:   

If you wish to invest in new homes in Egypt, feel free to talk to us. Let us know where you wish to stay and your approximate budget. We are open for calls throughout the day. We offer organized viewing for all apartments for sale. We also have commercial properties and Villas for sale in case you are looking to invest in such properties. Feel free to give us a call or write to us via our email for more information.

About Us

House Solution Realty is the premier luxury full-service brokerage firm in Cairo. Leveraging its global brand recognition, real estate vision and tremendous resources.House Solution Egypt Realty delivering a level of services unparalleled in the industry.By adhering to the House Solution’s standards of best-in-class, white glove service, superior quality, attention to detail and innovation,House Solution Realty demonstrates a clear competitive advantage in marketing, renting, and selling luxury properties.

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