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Rent In Maadi - 2000 Properties For Rent In Maadi Cairo

Properties for rent in Maadi Cairo - 2000 properties for rent in Maadi Sarayat and Degla Including modern furnished and unfurnished ground floor apartments and villas for rent with swimming pool and garden. Listings are updated regularly with the newest properties available.

Properties for rent in Sarayat Al Maadi

Maadi Sarayat is one of the most sought after locations for expats and professionals moving into Cairo for work purposes. Sarayat Al Maadi was developed in a way that enhances greenery and beautiful scenery above all. It is famous for its big old trees and blooming gardens. A very quiet and relaxing area with a great social life attached to it. Many embassies and ambassadors live in the area as it provides the luxury lifestyle anyone would desire.

Buildings are more separated from each other in Maadi Sarayat than Maadi Degla. As the space between buildings in Maadi Sarayat is almost double the space of Degla Maadi which provides more natural sunlight and breeze.

Properties for rent in Degla Maadi

Degla Maadi is a great place to live in Cairo especially for expats with children as the CAC Cairo American College is located in the area. Many fitness centers and gyms are open 7 days a week. A lot of different cuisine restaurants and shops are available for different tastes and styles. The area is mixed with different cultures and nationalities.

You can find some areas more affordable in Degla Maadi than Sarayat which is suitable for a low rentals budget. Properties for rent in Maadi are a great choice that can meet most of your needs.

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