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I start with our must read exclusive practical guide If you are moving to Cairo in Egypt, there are different neighborhoods where you can live. Maybe you already signed up for an expat forum or checked some websites to get information about Cairo’s neighborhoods. In that case, you might have seen the name of Maadi several times. Many foreigners who are moving to Egypt, consider to find an Apartments for rent in Maadi or Villas for rent in Maadi as the best of the best decision you will ever take And find the reasons below.. 

1. The streets are green

Have you ever been to Berlin? Or did you ever went to a German city in general? If you did, you will know how it looks like, living in a green city. Maadi is green, And Maadi Sarayat is even greener, than a German city. There has been a policy for years, obligating the citizens of Maadi to maintain and improve their gardens. Because of this, the neighborhood is full of palm trees, cactus, and more exotic species. The trees provide shade during the hot summer, and also clean air. This makes Maadi totally different from most other areas in Cairo, since there are often no trees, and the air is heavily polluted. 

 2. Shops are so close!

There are plenty of supermarkets. Because of all the different supermarkets, you can buy a large variety of provisions. All kinds of food are available. You can buy all kinds of European products, you will find sushi, American burgers and there is even a German bakery. With the Grand-mall and Maadi Carrefour nearby, also the more luxury goods are easy to find. And, in street 233, you will find all kinds of tools and building materials. 

3. Playing sports

In Cairo, sports clubs are different compared to Europe and the US. Most sports clubs have all kinds of sport available in the same place. When you are in possession of a membership, you can attend all types of sport. Often you will find a swimming pool, football field, a basketball area and other sports facilities clustered at the same place. Besides that, the sports club offers spots to have a drink or to hang out. Especially in the sports clubs in Maadi, you have a great opportunity to practice your kind of sport. What the sports opportunities in Maadi differentiate from other neighborhoods in the city, is that you can meet so many expats. Meeting people has never been so easy! This makes the Maadi sports clubs a great time spender when you are off your duties.

4. It’s safe! 

The population of Maadi consists out of expats and well-doing Egyptians. Moreover, there is a bunch of embassies located in Maadi. Most of them have their own security on the streets, which makes all inhabitants benefit. The people, in general, are very friendly and will help you when something strange occurs. Also, the infrastructure of Maadi is set up broadly and you will not find so many lonely small streets. Compared to the rest of Cairo, Maadi is one of the safest non-compound areas, and probably the safest neighborhood that is centrally located. Is it Safe to live in Egypt in 2020?

5. No longer seeing the forest through the trees

Did you ever take time to stand still beside an anthill? If you did, you will have seen an uncountable amount of small ants, skitter through small holes and climb ‘enormous’ needles. When I imagine God looking upon Cairo, I think He sees the same. The city is one of the most densely populated cities on earth, containing almost 20.000 habitats every square kilometer. Maadi is again one of the biggest exceptions. Of greater Cairo, Maadi is the least densely populated district. So unless you have no problems with living in an anthill, Maadi is a great choice.

 6. The streets are clean

This might sound a little bit strange. But if you have seen the most streets of Cairo, you will be longing for the sweet clean streets of Maadi. In Cairo, many people dump their garbage on the streets. Because of this attitude, you will see rivers filled with rubbish and plastic pyramids in the streets. Moreover, there is no service of city cleaning. Maadi is one of the few exceptions. Here people have a cleaner mentality and there are workers who clean the streets. Again, Maadi is one of the greatest exceptions when taking the whole Cairo into consideration.

 7. Parking space

Cairo, you won’t find that many parking spots, or a parking garage under somebodies apartment. Last years, the number of cars in the city has been increasing dramatically. Furthermore, the population has been increasing at a high pace, which caused some major infrastructural problems. Maadi remained unaffected by this problems. Most of the buildings are only 4 floors high, and the houses spread less densely compared to the rest of the city. Although it is sometimes even in Maadi difficult to find a parking spot nearby, Maadi is still one of your best options, considering parking spots. 

 8. Nature is near!

In such a crowded city like Cairo, you would expect at least some parks and places to unstrung. However, unless you’re are living in one of the large agglomerated outer areas of Cairo, you won’t find any places to go. There is only one greater park (Al Azhar), and that’s it. Close to Maadi, there is the Wadi Degla protectorate. This is the Grand Canyon of Cairo. Shaped by the seas, years ago, a 16-kilometer desert valley crawls through the landscape. It is allowed to camp here at night, make fires, climb mountains, and enjoy the miracles what desert nature has to offer. Here you can find interesting plant species, spot some desert foxes and if you are lucky you can see some even rarer animals. A very nice to experience and for many expats a must in such a crowded city.

9. Going out

Maadi is an appropriate neighborhood if it comes up to bars, restaurants, and cafes. Road nine is the heart of Maadi’s nightlife. From cheap (but good) restaurants to the more luxury expensive restaurants. You will find Chinese food, Italian pasta, specialties from the Egyptian table, anything you want. In Egypt, smoking the shisha is more a rule than an exception. Available in all kinds of flavors and styles, you will find lots of possibilities to try one of the best things that the Middle East offers.
In Maadi, the best of the nightlife is in the clubs. There is a big variety of clubs, all of them having their own style and purpose. The clubs are where most expats meet and where the well-doing Egyptians come. People speak good English here, so making friends here is easy. 

10. Art 

Maadi is one of the places to go if you are into the arts. Of course, it has not that many exhibitions or an opera like Zamalek. But still, Maadi has a lot to offer. There are old villas for whom is interested in Egyptian architecture. There are mosques, churches and even an old synagogue. There is also a photography club where you can attend quality photography training, and they do walk through the city, making all kinds of portraits and landscape photographs.
Of course, for some of these reasons, you could also find another good neighborhood. And don’t underestimate the traffics in Cairo: it is important to live not too far from your job. But it makes sense to live in Maadi. Hopefully, this blog can help you choose where to live. See you in Cairo!


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