Top Apartment Complexes In Maadi

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Known for it's natural scenery, Maadi is a suburban district located south of Cairo, Egypt. With over 100 thousand residents, the beautiful district is home to many locals and expatriates. If you are looking to get the best out of living in the capital of Egypt, The district of Maadi provides you the friendly yet secured environment for many different cultures and races. There are many areas you can choose to reside in Maadi such as:
  • Sarayat El Maadi
  • Degla El Maadi
  • Zahraa El Maadi
  • Corniche El Maadi
  • New Maadi
  • Old Maadi
From the many residential locations that you can choose to reside in Maadi, the most luxurious and exclusive properties will be found in Sarayat El Maadi and Degla El Maadi. The areas in Maadi such as Old Maadi, New Maadi, Zahraa El Maadi and Corniche El Maadi involve a large amount of commercial shops, restaurants and multinational corporations. You can find the best apartment complexes in Maadi located in Sarayat El Maadi. 



Sarayat El Maadi is known to be one of the most prestigious places you can consider to reside when choosing to live in Cairo, Egypt. Known for the rich history behind Maadi, Properties in Sarayat El Maadi can be seen as very spacious and luxurious among the other properties located in Maadi.

You will find the more traditional sense of high ceilings, spacious receptions and original wooden floors. The roads in Sarayat El Maadi can be noticeable as tight and hard to park a car, but you’ll find that most of the space has gone into the properties around the area rather than the roads between these locations. 

From the many luxurious properties that are provided within the area of Sarayat El Maadi, it also offers you many apartment complexes with shared facilities that you can enjoy during any time of the day. The most well known apartment complexes in Maadi would be the complexes of Maadi Royal Gardens or locally known as MRG.

There are currently 3 MRGs strategically located in the prime locations of Sarayat El Maadi as well as the fourth MRG is still under construction. You will also find the top apartment complexes in Maadi specifically in Sarayat El Maadi.