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Not every property owner or manager is built in the same manner. A family owned property can be viewed and treated differently by a reckless owner who chooses to go by the saying, “If it is not broken, it does not need to be fixed.” 

In other words, you do not want to be a tenant who has to  deal with a property owner/manager who takes their sweet time to respond to your concerns, requests and improvements towards their own property. 

Absentee ownership/management can be very effective towards the potential tenant as most of the time they are easy to spot throughout certain occasions or issues that may arise before the rental lease agreement has been signed. You will find certain issues such as:


You will ask yourself, how does one find a reasonable, positive and informative property owner/manager? One of the ways that you can check is having to deal with real estate agencies that offer exceptional knowledge about each property or having to check apartment ratings when choosing an apartment to view with your local real estate agent.  Our website offers prospective feedback from both property owners and residents alike. 

The review process can be complicated at times as an upset or irate resident/tenant is more likely to post their bad experiences rather than a positive experience with his/her renting duration. The total number of reviews with each real estate agency can make it more credible for potential clients to give their trust time, effort and money. 

You should consider the total number of reviews is important due to the fact that the greater the number of reviews, the more credible the ratings can be. A small number of reviews can give an individual property not enough data to be making a final decision. 

Do your research. Ask your friends or common renters what they would know about the property. The leasing real estate agent and office staff are a reflection of management and the owner they are in business with. If they are not helpful, friendly and even responsive, one should not be surprised by the property inventory they have as it will most likely not be exceptional. 

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Finding an Apartment

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