Top 7 Most Expensive Homes In The World

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From ancient to modern times, throughout the history of mankind, every human being has been looking for a place that they can call their home. Whether it is a long search or a short search, it all depends on those who look forward to find everything they will need within a household property such as warmth, shelter, comfort and even peace of mind.  There is a common saying throughout the real estate industry which is, “Home is where the heart is”. But truthfully, everyone desires a different property with changes within the location which would make some people feel like certain places can be normal while others can view it as their dream home.

Whether you are looking for a rented property or a privately owned location, it can be a luxurious villa to an exquisite apartments, in the end it all depends on your preferences and budget. Many people can choose open spacious areas among the property as others can choose more indoor spaces to be required. 

If you are looking to purchase a property household of your own, you must put into consideration many factors such as the prices of the properties within the city of your desire as well as the obtained budget and the utilities that you prefer. In the 21st century, many transactions have become out of reach for certain people especially in the real estate industry due to the fact that several homes are only bought by the elite class of the richest people in society such as celebrities, wealthy businessmen and even royal families.

When the topic of the most expensive household properties comes up, many people would consider a place that they feel both comfortable and secure. However, for the elite class of the richest people in the world, there is more to a household than just a property location. The wealthiest billionaires would consider their household properties a place where they can channel loads of their money to be able to let their families feel complete comfort as well as the ability to flaunt their unimaginable luxury at all times.

Times have changed with so many elite billionaires in the world nowadays, one is left to question – which are the most expensive household properties in the world? Whether you are looking to gain motivation, inspiration or even just feel envious for quite some time, you can gain quite an insight with this list of the 7 most expensive homes in the world with their unique architectural designs. Brace yourself to be stunned with the provided households to the richest people in the world as well as being able to fantasize yourself living there even if it is for just a second. 


Built in 1703, Buckingham Palace was built for the Duke of Buckingham which is located in Westminster, United Kingdom. Known as the home of the royal family and specifically the Queen of England, it also serves as the administrative headquarters for her majesty. The palace is valued at no less than 2.9 billion dollars, which is currently one of the most expensive homes in history and in the world.

Buckingham Palace has historical significance and is considered as a hot spot for many tourists, as many people from all over the world pursue to view this place and take many memorable pictures. There are 775 rooms in the 828, 821 thousand foot palace, which also includes 55 guestrooms for the royal family, 78 bathrooms, 19 state rooms, 92 offices and 188 staff rooms included. Last but not least it also includes 40 acres of gardens among the estate as well as a swimming pool and a surgery room for doctors to operate if necessary.

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