Important Factors That Influence The Value Of A House

Important Factors That Influence The Value Of A House Image

Selling or renting your home is considered quite a journey, from the many aspects that you will need to consider to get the best deal possible. To make the process easier for you, we have decided to assist you with our guide below. You will find the most important factors to consider when you want to evaluate your home accurately. 

These are the most important factors you’ll need to consider when valuing a home:


If you are choosing to rent or sell your property, location is the most important factor to consider. From everything about your neighbourhood, distances from certain work places, schools and even retail shops and public areas. Location can make a huge difference when choosing to estimate how much your property is actually worth. The location of the property plays a vital role in influencing the market value of any property available in the real estate market. 

Four major aspects to evaluate when you are analysing the value of your property according to the location:

1. Locations that are in an area where there are many several local and private schools available for children.
2. Prime locations can offer both residents and expatriates multiple job opportunities. 
3. Mass transport systems for local commutes be nearby.
4. Located in an area that offers nearby shopping malls, retail shops as well as other recreational places.

These four factors can influence why some neighbourhoods command higher prices than others because of the major factor of location. Also, put into consideration that having many highways, utility lines and even public transit can also impact the overall value of a home. When you are planning to calculate the value of a home, location is the top factor that most of the time makes the size of the property and condition of a property not even a thought. 


Another critical factor that influences the home value of a home is the history and the condition of the building as well as the property. 

You should always remember that the value of a home that is recently built would always have a higher value of a home that has been built over two decades ago. A new household offers new features, requires less maintenance compared to a older home. A brand new home would remain stronger and would even last a longer period of time, whereas an older home may not have the strong structural integrity and capabilities and may almost always require frequent repairs. 

Besides the age of the house, the condition of the house also plays a major role in influencing the market value of the house. It might happen to be that your house is old, but if you have kept it well-maintained or have made useful changes before selling the house, then you can increase the value of the house.


A nice view is always a good selling point when it comes to a home. Renters and Buyers will have plenty of requirements in mind, ranging from adequate space to an ideal kitchen, but a beautiful vista is sure to impress them. 


You’ll also have to consider the appeal of the house; traditional, neutral layouts tend to carry more value than obscure layouts that appeal only to niche audiences.

The more general the appeal of the home, the greater its value will be (especially considering resale value).


Last but not least, the existing status of the local market is considered also the most critical factor when you are choosing to evaluate your household. You should always put into consideration that the real estate market tends to undergo rapid changes within a short period of time. 

These are just a few things that can sway the value of a home either positively or negatively.

The aforementioned points are the most important or the most critical factors that influence the property value of a house. You must focus in all these aspects before coming up with a final price for your house. You should be cautious of not pricing too low or pricing too high. If you consider these points, you can easily analyze how much time would be needed or how long it would take to get you the right buyers.

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