Guidelines To Rent A Property In Egypt As A Foreigner

Guidelines To Rent A Property In Egypt As A Foreigner Image

In the year of 2021, there has been a rapid change within the prices of the rental properties in Egypt. You will find that many landlords that were renting their properties with such higher prices in the past years have realized that the prices have declined and they are not receiving the same payments from their tenants as before. You will also realize that the real estate market has increased with the number of agents/brokers working the field but in this sudden change since the pandemic, you will find that there are less professional real estate agencies to deal with and more agents working in the streets trying to finish any deal and never having to deal with the owner/tenant again.

With the COVID-19 pandemic that has occurred in the early months of 2020, you will find that there are less people travelling due to health, travel and new procedures and protocols that needs to be followed. You will realize that the number of expats arriving to Egypt has drastically changed over the years while there are many luxurious properties that stay in the real estate market because the budget isn't found. The common phrase told by many landlords/brokers that can be suggested and sometimes implied by force to many clients would be, "This is the best property for you, you should make a decision before the property is taken by another client". 

This phrase can be truthful but not at all times. You should realize that the best property for yourself and family to rent should go under 3 considerations that you should always be in the back of your mind when you are looking to rent a new property within the beautiful country of Egypt which are:

- Property 

- Price 

- Location 

Once you believe you have found the right place for yourself, you should always consider these three aspects. If you believe that all three aspects are positive then you should proceed further and finalize within that property. If you believe that it is best 2 out of 3 is in your favor, then you are on the right track and should consider a few other options before you take the final decision. If only 1 out of 3 is positive, then you should obviously look for more options that can be suitable upon your request.