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Cairo, the capital city of Egypt is well known for being one of the most stressful cities when it comes to living in this beautiful country. One of the main reasons that citizens or travelers can complain about the stress is due to the fact of constant traffic and highly congested city streets. But that is not the case when it comes to the district of Maadi Sarayat & Maadi Degla, a suburb district around 10-15 kilometers south of central of the capital. The area of Maadi is well known for its green scenery nature that has streets tree-lined among the area and gives that less-crowded feeling which is a major difference from the hectic environment among Cairo and its often tight streets. The sunshine beauty of the district of Maadi is one of the most beautiful scenes and views that you can enjoy among the many places in Cairo not to mention being the home to a large number of foreign embassies   and grand villas. With the stunning greenery nature to its beautiful gardens but many residents of Maadi have more than this reason that they love living in such a beautiful district. Besides that Maadi’s location is convenient because of its central location, but if you ask anyone from Maadi, they will tell you that you can get everything one may need from Maadi and not because everyone literally knows everyone in Maadi. If you ask any outsider that doesn’t live in Maadi, they will all give you the same complaints that Maadi is confusing and impossible not to get lost over there but actually it’s one of the easiest places in Cairo to figure out and enjoy. One of the major hot spots for foreigners or expats in Maadi is the area called Degla. In Degla, most foreigners actually feel like locals due to the fact that many of them who are living in Maadi actually consider Degla as their home whether it’s for a short or long period of time. Whether you are interested in fancy restaurants or a place to have a drink, Degla has you covered for everything that you are looking forward to obtain. 

The neighborhood among the area of Degla actually makes you feel like it’s an open yet secured compound like community which is considered home to many foreign residents, Considered to be the premier location to find Apartments for rent in Maadi Degla & Villas for rent in Maadi Degla which also makes it convenient to many people to live there as it is only considered a half an hour car ride from anywhere and everywhere worth visiting in the capital city of Egypt. 

Given that all the above general information about Maadi, it’s time to explore the hidden treasures among foreigners that consider to call this place their home away from home. The area is great for spending the whole day there from morning to evening or night, you’ll enjoy the outdoor sunshine, greenery nature among the environment and tremendous places to visit and restaurants with delicious dishes to fill your favorite cravings. 


Like all popular places, Maadi has all sorts of bookstores especially in Degla that cater to the uprising readers of the next generation and also increasing the importance of reading and making the younger generation as well as the older generations aware to keep themselves active and always looking forward to learning through reading. One of the well-known bookshops among residents living in Degla would be Al-Kotob Khan which is a place that you can’t simply purchase a book and just leave. This bookstore has two floors for all their customers to feel content and comfortable with their surroundings as they can enjoy a hot or cold beverage as well as hearing music, reading a book, studying or even working on a laptop using their Wi-Fi connection that is available during their opening hours.  At Al-Kotob Khan bookstore, there are different options of food and beverages that are being offered such as juices and different kind of fruit salads. This bookstore doesn’t only offer a wide variety of books in different languages and genres but they also host a variety of activities that include different kind of lectures, workshops, book forums and popular signings. There is also a section for those who have artistic talents that offer different kind of wall frames, oriental jewelry and other accessories you can use for your household. Al-Kotob Khan is located in Road 254, Degla which is also very close to all the hot spots located in Maadi and outside the district as well. 

If you are among the many residents who have their own pets, look no further to be part of a community that cares for animals as much as they do for themselves. The area of Degla is a generally friendly district to walk your dogs and take them for a pleasant stroll around the area which will make it a fun experience for both the pet and pet owners among the area. One of the well-known areas would be around the well-populated road 233, which is a great place to walk your pets among the many parks there especially the one around the area of Shell Shop. Most pet owners usually gather around during the afternoon during the weekends or during the nights from 7-10 pm. The group of pet owners actually have different Facebook pages where members can post a variety of questions, pictures of their beloved animals and even offering their pets for sale under any circumstance. 

Places that are highly recommended by HouseSolutionEgypt below:


Finding the right gym is a lot like finding the restaurant that suites your taste buds. You will need to go around asking different people and eventually having to try it out for yourself. However, finding the right place is not one of the easiest choices that can be made. The gym you would like to attend would have to go along with your time schedule, personality and sometimes character to be able to motivate you to constantly come back and train on a daily basis. Unlike finding the right restaurant for your taste buds, joining the gym is a large financial commitment, so it’s important that you make sure that you make the best choice before you sign the dotted line whether you are signing up for a monthly or a yearly membership. There are endless options of gyms that you can choose from in the district of Maadi. There are the popular gyms such as Samia Allouba, Steel Fitness Club, Gold’s Gym and Fibers Gym. If you get bored from the gym activities you can also train in groups and join the community of Fit Factory, Club 7 and Cross fit Hustle. For those who are into the meditation and yoga scene, you can also check out Osana Family Wellness, The Breathing Room and the Yoga Space. When it comes to the area of Degla, you would be happy to find these gyms that would suite you best among the area. 


Location: 43 Road 250 Degla, Maadi

Telephone: 01098356666

Steel Fitness Club looks forward to having everything that you aspire for when it comes to health and fitness. Fully equipped with some of the best trainers and trends among the fitness world, enriched with a tremendous view and the state of the art equipment that keep you top notch no matter the season. It is located in one of the more exquisite places in Maadi, being that it is one of the top mixed gyms in the country that offer different kinds of fitness classes, they also have a great variety of hydrotherapy such as showers, sauna, Jacuzzi and they obtain well secured lockers and a fun place for kids as well. 


Location: 13B Road 254, Degla, Maadi

Telephone: 0111 223 8864

This gym is a mixed gender fitness center that is owned and managed by one of the fittest grandmothers in business. Samia Allouba is one of the best choices that can be made when making the decision of joining the right gym, just being at the gym is a constant reminder to motivate you to workout. There are different options such as the general gym, dancing lessons, martial arts classes and much more. 


Finding the right restaurant for your outing whether with family and friends isn’t always as easy as it may seem but when it comes to certain restaurants, you certainly don’t choose twice after your first experience. Whether you are looking for a traditional ethnic food or anything that can be considered fast food, the area of Degla has you covered with all your hunger needs. Whether you are looking for some place fancy or a local place to dine, the district of Maadi in particular has a wide collection of restaurants to choose from and we have rounded the very best restaurants to choose from in Degla, Maadi. 


Location: 30 Road 213, Degla, Maadi

Telephone: 0225198443

When it comes to the residents of Maadi, whenever they cruise around the area of where Crave is located, they will always get to smell the delicious food from outside of the restaurant from their aroma that wafts from its kitchen from the many foods being cooked, which proves that you can attract your customers just by how delicious the food smells. The restaurant comes in handy if you are looking for a fancy place to dine with your beloved family and friends. The fungi or barbecue chicken pizzas are great choices as well as their wide variety of plates of pasta and one of their major highlights in the restaurant is their shrimp konafa which is served on a bed of crunchy dried noodles and it is something to definitely try more than once. 


Location: 13 Road 233, Degla, Maadi

Telephone: 02 25165105

This Chinese restaurant is a popular place among the locals in Degla, whether they are foreigners or Egyptian citizens. Being that it is operated by authentic people of China, this is a place you can take a leap of faith and try some of the best Chinese food in town without having to leave the country. The portions are bigger than expected and quite wallet-friendly as the meals are affordable compared to other main stream Chinese restaurants among the country. 


Location: 23 Road 232, Degla, Maadi

Telephone: 0128 251 7674

This Korean restaurant is not only obscure, but it is one of the hidden gems in Degla, Maadi. The interesting fact about this Korean-based restaurant is that most of the menu is dedicated to fried chicken depending on how you like whether it’s spicy, soy fried, spring onion, and garlic fried. There are also wings, chicken tenders and chicken fillet available if that is what suites your interest of choice when it comes to delicious chicken. 


Location: 21 Road 254, Degla, Maadi

Telephone: 0111 150 2179

As cheese fondue is becoming more and more popular among the generations, it’s the molten swiss cheese that we know that most people would have a hard time to resist as this restaurant is a cozy as much as it is absolutely delightful. The food is amazing, the restaurant is comfy and as long as you can start your outing with their delicious cheese fondue, nothing can spoil your day out.

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