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The entire country of Egypt, including the capital city of Cairo, can actually get pretty breezy and cold during the short amount of months that the winter season lasts. You can find that the season of winter in Egypt usually starts from the end of November until February. The temperature can usually drop down to 10 degrees.

On the other hand, it can reach up to 21 degrees if the wind isn’t blowing. In such chilly weather, it would be better to take certain steps in order to keep yourself warm at all times. Whether you live in an apartments or villas, it is always important to follow these steps. It does not matter whether you live on the ground floor or in a penthouse, the chilly weather can make the ambiance inside your household feel quite uncomfortable.

We will further share with you common tips and house solutions that can help with keeping your household warmer and it will make the winter season that much easier to handle. Some of these house solutions can reduce heat loss, while others can add heat to the home or keep the heat where you need it.



One of the simplest ways that you can keep your home warm during the winter season would be using curtains to insulate the home from the outer temperature as well as rugs. Not only do rugs work around the detail and style of the room but rugs also do a great job keeping your feet warm in the case you have tiles or hardwood flooring.

Consider that the floor can also get pretty cold during the months of winter, so that the best way to insulate the floor from the air inside the home is using thick rugs that can be felt as cozy and comfortable at the same time. When you use thick rugs, it will ensure that the colder temperature of the floor will not be impacted. This will help you maintain the warm temperature within your household. Investing in a thick rug or two for your bare floors not only adds detail to your home’s aesthetic, but they’ll make walking around more bearable during the season of winter.

If you obtain double glazed windows, warm curtains can help you in setting the right temperature in your household property. To ensure during the nights, you can even keep the curtains closed in order to avoid the heat loss in the case that you open the curtains during the day to let the sunshine come through. If you're still feeling the cold breeze inside your home, try adding some warm curtains to your apartment space to section off open doorways. With a tension rod and some heavy drapes, you can help keep the warmth of the air inside and the coldness of the air outside!


If you have adequate open wall space, you can place floating shelves above the radiator to help store hot air from rising in an upward position too quickly. You can choose to cover the walls as the walls normally have a temperature much lower as compared to the temperature inside the household itself. In the winter, under normal circumstances, the walls can reach the temperatures which are up to 4 coolers as compared to the actual temperature inside the household. This is why it is one of the great ideas to keep the walls covered, if the walls are in direct exposure with the air inside, then the walls will cool the air faster. As a result, there can be considerable heat loss in return. On the other hand, when you are keeping the walls covered, it will become easier for you to avoid the contact of the walls with the air inside. Here are simple ways that you can cover the walls such as:

-          Building a bookshelf

-          Paintings / Family Portraits

-          Shelf-based furniture


When you have your furniture placed in the right locations of the property, you would surprise by the amount of space that you can obtain and how much heat you can reserve within the process as well. The household will be warmer when the furniture is placed in the right locations such as nearby the walls and in some rooms you can position it in the center.

 This will ensure that the core temperature of the walls does not only impact the furniture but the heat as well. As the furniture will remain warmer, it will only help you towards feeling more comfortable inside your household as well as also keeping the air warmer and cozier during those cold winter months.


One of the best solutions to keeping your household warmer during the winter is actually trapping the heat inside the property itself. For example, when the air is at the higher temperatures, it would come in contact with the walls and in the process, in can cool down. However, if you are able to use radiator panels in your household, you can rest assured that the heat will be reflected inwards rather than having it being eliminated. With the heat being reflected back into the room, it will make not only the room warmer, but the apartment feel cozier as well.


Throughout the winter season that is really felt by December to the end of February, you will find yourself using the boiler at a daily basis. This is why it is very important that you get the boiler serviced before the season of winter embarks so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of dealing with maintenance and going through some cold days without any warm water. Once you have the boiler maintained, you can be assured that the warmer temperature inside your home will be comparatively easier than without.


You have to use insulation like foam wherever possible within your household. Some of the places where you can use such insulation include pipes as well as windowsills. With the assistance of proper sealing, you will have the ability to insulate your household from the outside cold air. If there are cracks in the walls of the property, you can use the spray foam as insulation which can also be used for closets as well as behind the cupboards. This will ensure that you are able to insulate your household from harsher temperatures outside. You can also use spray foam on your roof to ensure the best you should hire roofing professionals as well.


It has been told that nearly 17 percent of hot water consumption during the winter season is used for showers. The benefits behind taking shorter showers and using hot water will save you grief and money in the long run. While searching the internet for numerous ways to keeping your expenses down, this winter you should consider using the water consumption wisely and keeping the heating costs low in return. It can be confusing at first by doing the little things that can be done to conserve energy, but the accumulated savings techniques will come in handy when the expenses are even more affordable than before.




With these many house solutions stated above, you can maintain the warmer temperature within your own household that much easier. You will be able to stay comfortable in your own apartment or villa during the upcoming winter seasons. It is better to consider these options rather than using the heating system on full blast. Follow these certain tips and solutions during the months of winter that will make the next winter season more bearable than ever. Be sure to follow our blogs section at House Solution for more household information regardless if you are looking for tips, hints or even real estate services that can be provided both professionally and with the highest of expertise within the real estate market in Egypt. 

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