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Whether you are looking for a house to rent in Cairo, Egypt or even looking for a single-family home for sale located anywhere else in the world, you will always need to consider to hire a professional real estate agent/agency to be able to negotiate the best deal for yourself in the future regardless the transaction. The real estate industry around the world is forever expanding regardless the economic status of any country, there will always be people looking to pursue where to live and where to move next.

One of the main reasons that the sellers nearly always overestimate the value of their property, believing that their property will always get them more than what they expect, which isn't the case most of the time. On the other hand, many potential homebuyers almost nearly underestimate the value of the same property just so they can get a better deal in return.

Both parties, sellers and buyers, will need to be on the same page regarding the terms of the price, value and most of the time, many people tend to use their emotions to come to a decision which is totally not the way to make such huge decisions as well as potential investments. When it comes to dealing with a professional real estate agent, you can easily determine the fair amount within the real estate market and knowing the right value of any property by being able to compare such properties to similar ones located in the same area. 

The real estate agent is the one that serves as the middle man during such negotiations, documentations and the ability to look for the best interest for both parties and being able to keep them both satisfied and content with the detailed contract regardless if you are looking to purchase a property or rent a property. An experienced real estate agent would be able to get the seller to provide the best price possible for the buyer, in return, having the buyer reach the best terms regarding finances and expenses. There is a known phrase in the real estate industry told amongst realtors, “ The best deals are the ones which both parties can be alittle disappointed yet content.” 

Another reason many people would consider hiring a professional real estate agent would be dealing with all the important details beyond just the prices and the affordability of the property. For example, a potential homebuyer can ask for a property inspection and a home warranty to be able to avoid expensive costs for repair or having to deal with any heavy-duty maintenance in the nearby future.

On the other hand, you can find the homebuyer also requesting a professional appraisal of the value of the property. If the appraiser finds that the property value does not equal the asking price of the seller, you can find that the buyer can further pursue other properties because they might not be able to qualify for a large mortgage to afford. With the assistance of a professional real estate agent such as House Solution Egypt, you can be guided with all the right procedures that a homebuyer will endure.

Last but not least, your real estate agent sets closing date and determines the closing costs of the finalization of the deal which can actually be more expensive than you would like to imagine. The homebuyer usually pays the closing costs and the seller is responsible for paying off the commission towards the real estate agent/agency. But these procedures can be negotiated between both parties if there is any interference or issues regarding these matters. If the seller is looking to occupy the property for only a few months after the closing date, the homebuyer is entitled to rent. All these details are contained within the final deal between both parties, the buyer and the seller.


Many issues can occur when people would attempt to sell or purchase properties without any expertise or assistance within the real estate field. When you choose to act like a private party you might face many problems whether legally or personally that would not happen if you have a real estate agent by your side to assist you regardless you are looking to sell, buy or rent a property. For example, if you are a buyer that doesn’t have everything documented, the seller can walk off with fixtures in the household like appliances, ceilings fans, and even light switch covers.

If you are looking to purchase a property away from your current household, you can find yourself easily overpaying for the property if you don’t have proper consultation and research provided by a professional real estate agent/agency. Many people would feel like they are under pressure regarding money and time which can have them making the common mistake of purchase a property that might need nearby repair costs such as plumbing, new roof or even a new heating/cooling system that can actually be very costly if you are not prepared in advance.

Always put into consideration that a professional real estate agency protects both parties, the buyers and sellers from attempting any common mistakes or having them face legal issues that can be easily handled if you know what you are doing. If you are looking to get the best advice, information and assistance regarding the real estate industry, be sure to contact us at House Solution Egypt to be able to provide you with everything that you need within the real estate market regardless if you are looking to purchase a property, sell a property or even rent the best suitable property for yourself and others. 

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