7 Ways to make an apartment appear bigger than it’s size

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Many people who choose to live in major cities around the world usually would find themselves living in properties where their circumstances, budget or living space isn’t big enough as they once have thought. With all the furniture bought throughout the years to the many small utilities and household items that have made your property be called your home.

For example, you can consider someone who is currently living in a penthouse for rent in Maadi, Egypt. Since the rental house is obviously not getting any bigger, that tenant will have to decide to look for more suitable ways to make the property appear more spacious and in the process feeling like there is an expansion from freeing up some space within the penthouse property.

Here are some tips and hints that you can choose to consider when you are looking forward to make some space and make your property appear larger within the same property location: 


 Ensure that you don’t block out any of the windows or having any of the furniture be in the way of having to open up any of the windows or balcony by enjoying some fresh air within the property. The windows and balconies in the property bring in natural light, which is healthy for both the tenants and the property included. You should try to find the right furniture that would highlight the property in the manner where windows are clearly available at any time.

Consider installing sliding doors if you have the old-fashioned windows and balconies that might take more space than necessary. If your apartment space isn’t too large, it is not advised that you use the flush or panel types of windows or balcony doors which are common towards many homeowners. The sliding windows are the popular choice for smaller apartments which doesn’t consume much space when you open it as well as making the apartment seem more spacious in the process. 


When you choose to source furniture with a low profile, it will be one of the easiest ways towards making your apartment seem larger and more expansive. It is not advised that you source furniture that would directly sit right on the ground but actually your furniture should have a long narrow contoured legs.


Moving your furniture some inches away from the wall will actually make your apartment seem more expansive and would be useful in the long run for both the paint on the wall and the condition of the furniture in the long term. Try to choose expandable furniture that would be easier to move around so when you have friends or guests in your household, you can expand the furniture that would suit the occasion. 


For smaller apartments to appear larger, you should have a lot of reflective materials within the property. For instance, a mirror is one thing that can definitely help you with expanding your household space. You may even decide to go for chrome or even platinum furniture which all contribute to making the expansion of more space within the property regardless the space provided.


Clutter and messiness is never advised when having enough space within your apartment. If you have the need to make your apartment seem larger and expansive, you should consider cleaning up your household throughout each season and having unnecessary items to be taken away or thrown out. Many people would choose to donate it towards charity the many items or clothing that they are no longer using rather than keeping it away or throwing it out.  


Many people would assume that they would need to just clean up and polish their property but you would be surprised what enhancing your interior and exterior can do for the property and your lifestyle. Having to fix up certain minor issues like side cracks from the long term use can actually make the property seem more presentable and acceptable towards inviting guests and having them feel the comfort in your own home. You can choose to apply darker lights which would make smaller apartments seem claustrophobic so it would be best that you would design your property with lighter neutral colors for your space that would make it look airy and expansive in the process. You can also decorate and style out your space using a neutral palette.


Choosing to install shelves and cabinets in dead areas such as corners or having them be installed within the property such as walk-in and built-in closets which would obviously make the property seem more spacious than before.

 It wouldn’t consume much space if you install shelves and cabinets as well as make them easy accessed regardless if they are installed in the kitchen area or dining room which would store kitchen necessities and wares. You can also have it in the bedroom to store unused clothing, blankets, comforters and much more. It can be rest assured that you will save so much space in the process within your property and you can even contact the local experienced carpenter to help you with the procedure.




Many people have different daily tasks in life regarding their income and as many choose to decrease their debts and others are paying off their expenses with the ability of saving an amount whenever is possible, you would be surprised when you clean your property and having only the needed items and necessities available for you so you wouldn’t need to spend much money elsewhere and possibly in more important aspects. 

Everyone deserves an apartment that they can call their own home, whether they are looking to purchase a property or even rent a property regardless if it is for a long or short term. Even if the household is in your hometown, many people would love to save up and search for the property of their desire which is why they don’t keep their current property in the best condition while the property deserves attention and care within the time consumed.

Since many apartments in the city are not the biggest, you can actually apply some of the techniques listed above to maximize the amount of space that can be provided for you and get rid of the clutter and provide the best appearance possible. You should improve your property for both you and your guests need the proper space provided which has a big effect on how spacious your home is perceived. Adjustments to your home’s flow could be as dramatic as a full room rearrangement to moving furniture a few inches to even just decluttering entryways and the hallways among the rooms and reception area included.

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