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Maadi is one of the most popular districts in Egypt that is actually located in the heart of the city of Cairo. With its wide boulevard streets and green nature, it is considered one of the favored residential places to live when you are looking for properties to rent in Maadi. Many expats actually consider Maadi their home away from home as they find everything that they can find as if they were actually back to their beloved nation. 

Maadi represents the life of a foreigner for both Egyptians and international citizens. If you are looking to pursue and experience a unique life that can retain from a quiet area and many popular areas among Maadi can be considered suitable for many residents. Many expats that would have to return back home would actually see themselves going through a homesick phase as they would find that returning back to their respected nation, certain aspects may change. 

The district is known for its popular featured characteristics that would make it stand out from many other locations within the capital city of Egypt. With the calmness of the Nile River nearby and the district is located in the south of Cairo. It is actually quite close to many of the nearby popular areas such as New Cairo, Nasr City and Downtown. To maintain the best property that you can pursue within the residential areas that can be both quiet and popular within the beautiful district of Maadi. Maadi is well known for its many popular streets and facilities that you can enjoy without having to go far away from where you reside such as:

  • Road 9

  • Nasr Street

  • Corniche Road

  • Ring Road

  • Street 233 Degla 

The district offers a wide variety of many facilities that range from educational institutions, hospitals and it actually provides a great time for shopping as there is the well known mall of Maadi Grand Mall as well as Maadi City Centre that also offers many commercial and retail stores that you can enjoy with your beloved family and friends. 

The beautiful district was actually planned out by a retired Canadian Officer that held some of the facilities that were founded by the British Expatriates; Maadi can actually give the foreign experience and the home feeling to many residents both local and international. If you want to get the best out of life in Cairo without having to sacrifice a private life, then Maadi is the place for many potential homebuyers and tenants. For the many amazing reasons that you can enjoy Maadi, it makes it obvious why it is always in demand for apartments for rent in Maadi and is actually annually increased. There are many diversified properties that is offered within the beautiful district of Maadi such as:

With each property there is a difference within spaces and prices but equally appreciated and desired. With House Solutions, we will provide you all the characteristics of each property and the best places that you can enjoy that can allow you to choose from what your preferences may seem and what can suit you best. 

Many Expats prefer to look for an apartment for rent in Maadi because of all the services provided and reasonable prices along the beautiful nature of the streets and properties. These apartments are both spacious and comfortable as most of them would include many bedrooms such as two and above and consisting of two or three bathrooms that are modern finished and a kitchen and a reception. Many apartments in Maadi come with an amazing variety of facilities and modern amenities such as security, private garages, gardens, swimming pools, kitchen appliances and even central air-conditioning. Regarding the prices, they can range from 6 to 40 thousand Egyptian Pounds depending on the space and location. 

The demand for a studio for rent in Maadi has actually increased because of the prices being affordable and reasonable compared to the many apartments as the studio’s average price starts from 4 thousand and above, also depending on the space and the appliances included. The studio is also popular for many future tenants because it can easily be arranged and cleaned because of the size of the property being presented. The normal studio apartment would be known for a bedroom, living area and a kitchen area with a small yet cozy reception. 

On the other hand, For the wealthy citizens and upper level classes such as Ministers, Ambassadors and businessmen who are connected to their own respected professions, embassies and international organizations would choose to pursue a villa for rent in Maadi. 

For the many places located in Maadi, Sarayat El Maadi is the favored residential area to many wealthy residents and European expats. Sarayat El Maadi is featured because it is uniquely geographically located in the heart of Old Maadi. Villas for rent in Maadi come with the average price of 70 thousand Egyptian Pounds. 

You can find the best properties for rent in Maadi Cairo Egypt with House Solution, no matter the property that you are looking to obtain or pursue if you are looking to relocate as well. House Solution is known for its network connections among the many homeowners and the real estate market in Maadi. 

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House Solution Egypt has much expertise regarding real estate services and property management with over a decade of successful experience. Covering the majority of the capital of Egypt, House Solution is dedicated to being the leading real estate company for valuing the priorities of all parties involved. Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority when it comes to tenants, home buyers, or homeowners alike. When you are dealing with House Solution, you can understand that we allow our clients to feel secure with the right knowledge that you would need to know regarding any case if you are looking to rent, purchase or sell a property. We provide many home solutions whether you are looking to relocate within the city or even if it is your first time as an ex-pat, House Solution Real Estate will offer you the best available properties with the best prices that you can find in the real estate market. At House Solution Real Estate, we take each one of our cases professionally with our experienced real estate agents and office staff you can expect nothing but the best service that you can find within Maadi and New Cairo. Offering a wide variety of available properties, House Solution provides you the most profitable deal for your property and you can ensure that with our assistance, guidance, and consultancy, you can expect that you will make the best decision with House Solution Real Estate. With our detailed list of clientele regardless if they are local or international, you can expect the best service with us as we seek the best quality of life with each client, develop long-term relationships built upon respect and prosperity with each and every client. With House Solution Real Estate, it is understood that we pay close attention to every detail that is told by both parties and deliver the best offers for each client, which makes House Solution Real Estate the leading Real Estate company in Egypt.

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