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Why People Look For Villas To Rent in Maadi Area?


Maadi, one of the most popular and well known areas among the many places you can live in the beautiful country of Egypt. The district is prominently located to the south of the capital city of Cairo which also makes it near the Nile River. Located in the center of the capital city, Maadi is surrounded by the greenery nature among the wide streets as well as the silence and security that is provided within each property especially the uniquely designed villas. There are many villas among the district of Maadi that are considered spacious, fancy and quite luxurious depending on what you are looking to pursue. 

The demand for a villa for rent in Maadi has actually increased throughout the years especially among the European Expatriates. There are many popular hotspots in Maadi and modern facilities, amenities and some of the best restaurants which make it a favored residential location and not just for foreigners alone. Even if you are looking to spend some quality time with your beloved friends and family, there are many chillout spots, bars and cafes which makes Maadi a specialized place for outdoor activities and social gatherings among the community and last but not least the endless places where you can enjoy a hot drink whether it would be coffee or tea.

If you are looking to shop, you wouldn't need to leave the district and go elsewhere as Maadi presents a variety of commercial shops and well-known malls such as Maadi Grand Mall, Bandar Mall and Maadi City Centre that offers a variety of multinational brands and retail stores. The residents of Maadi offer a wide variety of diversified and unique properties that range from villas, twin-houses, townhouses, duplexes and apartments. Whether you are looking for furnished or unfurnished villas, you can definitely consider Maadi as one of the top places you choose regardless of the location within the district.

Many of the Maadi residents are actually high-class Egyptians and expatriates who are well connected regardless of their position or career and many actually work within the embassies, agencies and international organizations that are also located in Maadi. 

The desire for obtaining these villas can differ from one person to another based on the characteristics and preferences as well as the spaces and prices that can be affordable for some and expensive for others but each property is worth the while you are planning to reside and not just because the properties are located in Maadi either. For example, those who are looking to spend one or two years on a secondment are more likely to look for a short term villa that they can rent in Maadi. 

Which makes sense if they are looking for a villa with a reasonable price. On the other hand, long term villas for rent in Maadi would be considered the best option for many of the expatriates looking forward to relocating and starting to live in Maadi such as ambassadors, diplomats and university professors and international school teachers. 

We will further discuss the characteristics that would make Maadi one of the best districts that you can allow yourself to enjoy the best time possible and which aspects would suit you best when it comes to properties within Maadi as well.


Villas for rent in Maadi Sarayat would be the popular choice for the top-notch residents and international residents that are living in Maadi. The district is known for its history and being located in the heart of the capital city of Egypt. Sarayat El Maadi is located in the heart of Maadi and is known to be the top residential area among the areas located in Maadi. Sarayat offers a variety of outstanding designed villas that are surrounded by the beautiful green nature and amazing landscapes that can be viewed along the wide streets. The price of most villas in comparison to other districts from Maadi as the average price for a villa to rent in Maadi is 70 thousand Egyptian Pounds. 

Many international residents such as expatriates would love to reside in Maadi because it is located among many embassies, international restaurants and a multinational community makes it worth the while of living there and looking for villas that are available for rent in Sarayat El Maadi. 

On the other hand, villas for rent in Maadi that are located in Road 9 would be considered one of the top choices for many residents due to the fact that the unique location is nearby many fancy and well known cafes as well as it is nearby many public transportation stops. The area around Road 9 is located among many recreational services that can be served in a professional manner as well as international banks and multinational companies as well as pharmacies and supermarkets along the popular street. 

Similar to Road 9, Villas for rent in Degla Maadi are highly recommended and requested amongst many of the residents of Egypt as well as the expatriates living in the country. Well known for its stunning towers and foreign community, Degla is a great place where you can find a quiet property to reside as well as serenity and pleasure of being located in an area of Maadi that can be easily accessed and easily commute towards the nearby exits of the highways. Villas for rent in Degla Maadi come with an average price of 60 thousand Egyptian Pounds, which is why it makes it an attractive location for potential tenants. 

The area of El-Arab El Maadi is a favored residential area due to the fact that its unique location and that it links between all the hotspots within Maadi such as Maadi Grand Mall, Degla, Road 9 and even New Maadi being an easy access and the same distance from each place from El Arab. It also offers a variety of everything that would be basic necessities for the household and common living such as supermarkets, recreational shops and an easy access towards many ways of transportation. 

The villas in Maadi are divided into two types of categories which are furnished properties and unfurnished properties. Most potential clients would refer to unfurnished villas for rent in Maadi because sometimes they would choose to stay in Egypt for a long period of time so they would like to have their own furniture. On the other hand, the demand for furnished villas in Maadi is very high because most of the properties are super-lux finishing and would save a lot of time and effort for those willing to stay in Egypt for a short period of time. 

Finally, House Solution Egypt is one of the top real estate agencies that would provide you the best real estate services and would be able to find the best villas to rent in Maadi that are listed. Not to mention that House Solution is well connected with many of the homeowners and would be able to provide you the best deal possible for villas for rent in Maadi. 

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