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Maadi is a district well known for it’s beautiful nature as well as it is safe and secured. The neighborhood is known to being quiet and friendly among having their own combination of multinational residents that come from all around the world. You can find that there are many foreigners and locals living aside each other with no issue at all. The most popular areas in the district of Maadi are Sarayat Maadi, Maadi Degla and Zahraa El Maadi as well as Old and New Maadi.

When it comes to expats coming to live and reside in the district of Maadi, it is very common that they choose between both Degla El Maadi and Sarayat El Maadi because out of all the areas in the beautiful district, it is well known for being clean and surrounded by fellow expats and foreigners as well, you can also view our exclusive practical guide to Egypt

With the many stylish and traditional restaurants and cuisines located all over Maadi especially in the popular road 9, along with many chill-out cafes that are known among the many youngsters in the community. There are also many relaxing drinking spots that are popular with the expat community that offer various forms of cocktails, live music and amazing company that you can enjoy with your beloved family, friends and co-workers.

Along with the area of Corniche El Maadi, you can also choose many common activities among the local Egyptians that is the Felucca. The experience of the Felucca is that you can simply cruise around the beautiful Nile River in a traditional wooden sailing boat that holds up to 20 people per boat. You can also view our exclusive practical guide to Egypt if you are looking to learn more about this beautiful historical country. 

Sarayat El Maadi just like the district of Maadi, is in the heart of everything you would ever desire around the district. You can choose to do many outdoor activities as Sarayat El Maadi is in the middle between Degla and Kornich El Maadi. Many senior citizens usually make the common mistake of believing that Sarayat El Maadi starts from the first road until the 10th Road which actually isn’t as true as they may believe. You can find more information about villas for rent in Maadi Sarayat and Apartments for rent in Maadi Sarayat

Sarayat El Maadi actually begins from the 11th Road until the 22nd road and the crossing roads are from 81-86. Most people don’t know that Sarayat El Maadi has been designed by the British general to be the location for the soldiers of the army. There are many different social groups and gyms that you can also pursue regarding staying in shape or being part of the community. Not to mention if you need a way of transportation there are many different ways to commute around the capital city as Sarayat El Maadi is close to a Metro (Subway) Station that can take you anywhere in the most affordable way of transportation without having to deal with traffic or the hassle of waiting to reach any destination. 


Moving to a new country to live in for an extended period of time, it is quite important to learn as much as possible to have a background of the country that you will reside. This particular type of knowledge will assist you to understand the country better and will make your inner circle greater as much as becoming comfortable with the country’s culture, society, residents and customs.

The main focus for most associations is to feel comfortable among your fellow man/woman, support and connectivity surrounding your environment or goal for the association. The associations located in Sarayat El Maadi are actually no different. Having the experience for the expats to exceed their horizons and share their orientation, entertainment, traditions, recreation, information, education and personal well-being of one another.  If you are looking forward to moving to Sarayat El Maadi and want to join such associations as there are many to choose from and apply for such as:      


The development over the years with the contribution of many people who have invested their time and effort within the common mission of the Community Service Association has given them the ability to serve and support many lives along the way. The Community Service Association includes more than 20 different nationalities with over 30 volunteers to keep it interesting and an entertaining association. CSA is in close bonds with their Board of Directors and their team is always looking to continue their development and upbringing of the association.

Being a member to join the team gives you the opportunity to expand your opportunities among your social community and having many discounts regarding their sponsors which can be very useful at any given time. Inside the CSA, you will find the phenomenal REPS Gym which is fully equipped with fitness equipment which is more than 50 machines.  Over 20 international certified instructors and a very friendly staff that will make you belong quicker than you can imagine. CSA also offers a wide variety of programs and activities that would inspire and introduce you to new places around the country of Egypt.

All of the trips that are arranged are for expatriates and are made to be convenient around their busy lifestyles. The many aspects that you can enjoy during CSA trips and activities would be exploring the amazing history behind the capital city of Cairo as well as finding the best deals for yourself and your family on a shopping trip as well. You can join a cultural trip and learn more about the local culture or even escape the city life and enjoy the adventure on a trip to the desert.

Community Service Association also offers amazing daily events that you can enjoy with your family and friends and be delighted to join any one of their cooking classes that will make you enjoy different cuisines around the world.

The British Community Association Maadi (BCA):      

It is quite difficult in Egypt to find a place that offers you to play billiards and football and enjoy drinking draft beer and eat steak pie all in one place but when it comes to The British Community Association it would be very hard to disappoint. BCA provides the perfect spot for a relaxing night out with a few friends or co-workers. Known for being well organized, many events hosted by BCA is quite unique and friendly as they have many events that can be enjoyed by both adults and children, great food catering to their taste and having presents and many rewards involving some of their events. The atmosphere is very friendly towards expats as there is a garden in the back of the club that hosts occasional dance parties as well as daily cookouts but the main issue with the BCA is that it is not entirely open to majority of the public in Egypt. To enjoy the many benefits of the club house you must be a membership which actually is affordable and not expensive at all and that membership payment is 250 EGP (equivalent to less than 20 U.S. dollars) per year.

Membership isn’t needed when you have a friend or family member that invites you along to dinner, drinks or even pub games for only a 20 EGP entrance fee (Less than 2 U.S. dollars). If you are interested in drinking then you can purchase drink tickets that will be marked off the bartenders which is equal to 50 or 100 EGP (Less than 10 U.S. dollars) and expect each drink to be around the range of 15-20 EGP (Less than 2 U.S. dollars). Keep in mind that the prices may vary often due to the currency being unstable but these are estimation of the prices involved.      

The club house offers a menu that features a little of everything from full English breakfasts to hot dogs and fries. There is a chalkboard that features the specials of the day that usually features dishes that include fish and chips, steak pie and roast pork as well as other British comfort foods which are mostly priced under 40 EGP (Less than 4 U.S. dollars). When you are looking for a chill out spot for your evening and enjoying the British menu and some drinks then this community is one to depend on.      

(BCA, Maadi)  


 Most people nowadays question what they should do about their health. Should they join the nearest gym and put on that muscle mass or planning to lose weight so they introduce themselves to diets and healthy eating and then there are people who choose to do meditation and different techniques of yoga. When it comes to both aspects, you are right either way. The main difference between yoga and the gym is the effect that it has on the body. Yoga you will find that it is essential and effective towards all the organs of the body where gym is effective on what you choose to work on during your workouts.      

Keep in mind that Yoga slowly stretches your muscles and opens channels of energy towards your body while training at the gym using weights or treadmills can increase your health and fitness as well so it is all a matter of what you choose and how dedicated you are towards your health and goals. Living in Sarayat El Maadi will give you the best of both worlds whether you choose this or that you will be on the right track regardless. Here are the many benefits that both yoga and gymnastics can provide for you:      


  • Benefits the mind, body and spirit      
  • Teaches you discipline and acceptance      
  • Yoga will make you lean and efficient      
  • Eases your aches/pains and helps you breathe easier      
  • Calming and reduces stress as well as improving concentration      


  • Increases your energy levels and reduces risk towards chronic disease      
  • Helps with the health of your skin, brain and memory      
  • Helps with weight loss and is good for your muscles and bones      
  • Will make you positive and feel happier      

Osana Family Wellness:            

Located in a beautiful villa in Maadi, Osana Family Wellness provides all types of treatments such as homeopathy, massage and reiki and they also offer yoga and Pilate’s classes. Osana Family Wellness also offers pregnancy and postnatal workshops for soon to be mothers and also classes and support as well is available for baby, children and family classes. There is childcare and services for the parents while they attend their classes and treatments so you can fully cherish and get the full effects and knowledge from each class taken. All services provided by Osana Family Wellness comes with an amazing garden, a play area for the children and boutique items for sale as well as a comforting wholefood café. Their vision is bring all individuals, parents, children and health enthusiasts to come together as a friendly community to meet each other through their mind, bodies and souls to be playful and learn a thing or two about keeping healthy lives and standards.       

(Osana Family Wellness)      

Gold’s Gym:            

A membership to the exclusive well known Gold’s gym might come pricey but it is well worth it when you put your mind and work hard towards your health goals as Gold’s Gym gives you all out access to everything you need to transform your life the way you want it. With a variety of classes tailored to your fitness needs with some of the world’s greatest personal trainers, you cannot go wrong by applying for a membership with Gold’s Gym Maadi. You can check out their daily and weekly class schedules that involve groups or in case you want to work out alone there are classes that would suit your every last fitness need. If you are new to exercising and looking forward for more guidance and coaching, Gold’s Gym has a wide variety of certified personal trainers that can assist you in case you need the push of support that you have been waiting for. When it comes to fitness and health, Gold’s Gym Maadi provides everything you need with the help from experts who will be with you every step of the way to make sure that their community of members are well inspired and supported.     

Steel Fitness Club Egypt:      

Fully equipped with the latest equipment and trends of the sports world, Steel Fitness Club delivers some of the most exquisite experiences when it comes to health and fitness. With an extraordinary environment as well as a positive and energetic atmosphere that you cannot ask for anything more when it comes to the location, Steel Fitness Club is based in the heart of Maadi. They will keep you in shape as they are one of the most experienced fitness clubs in Cairo with facilities that are dedicated to keep your health stable. Steel Fitness Club offers the most impressive performance enhancement training, reconditioning and personal training that is just not only focused on body shaping or building but rather also preventing any further injuries and maintaining good health and rehabilitation.  Steel Fitness Club isn’t about excuses or sugar coating your workouts and making you believe that you are accomplishing something when you are not, they are committed as much as their members to reach their peak of excellence when it comes to health and fitness.      

ROAD 9           

Within the beauty of Sarayat El Maadi, there has been a street that is the hub for international expats and tourists. Planned out in 1905, it was home to the British and an army camp of New Zealanders during World War II, and now is home to a number of little neighborhoods such as Degla, Sakanat al-Maadi, Sarayat al-Maadi and New Maadi. All three metro stations in Maadi are actually located along Road 9, which consists of stores and restaurants along the way.  Most residents from Maadi don’t know that Road 9’s first grocery store was a place called Nile Cold Storage which was the best place to buy British or Australian meat and other food items that were imported.      

You will find a wide variety of stores and restaurants around Road 9 from bookstores and coffee shops to souvenir shops and shoe makers. If you are planning to shop and find everything you might need along the way then Road 9 is the place to be where one can find everything from Asian cuisines to banks, from shops that sell silver and gold to the famous McDonald’s fast food chain.      

While walking towards McDonald’s, you will find one of the familiar places for Maadi residents which is Lucille’s restaurant located on the right side if McDonald’s is located on your left side. Lucille’s restaurant serves some of the best well known burgers in Egypt and is always on the top list of expats and tourists to go and visit.      

Since the revolution that happened in 2011, Coffee shops and cafes along Road 9 such as Greco, Beano’s, and Marriot Bakery have come out of the sidewalk with tables and chairs where they are no longer held back by street patrols and fines and regulations. Whether you want to enjoy the sunshine with a morning jog, Road 9 is your one stop location for lunch dates, fixing shoes or duplicating keys, buying a certain book for even shopping for imported goods along the way, Road 9 is the perfect venue for any expat ready to spend their time with happiness just try your best to stay on the sidewalk because it is almost always crowded in Road 9 for the obvious reasons.

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